Here We Go Lovelies


Soul Travel Fitness has officially launched!!!  I'm over here in Asia doing my happy dance and celebrating!! So how in the world did this all begin anyways??? Since as long as I can remember I've been obsessed with health + fitness. I love feeling strong, confident, healthy, and active. Being healthy is not about the body looking a certain way, but how your body moves, and eating foods that nourish you. I move my body because it feels good. I believe the goal is not a number on the scale, but that you feel beautiful in your skin. 

My passion for travel began years ago when I was a college student backpacking around Europe. I’ve never felt more at home then when I’m not home. After years and years of friends asking me to write about my journeys, here I am. By opening up to the universe my travels have led me all over the world and now to Asia where I currently live in Shanghai. Of course, I don’t expect everyone to sell their belongings and move abroad, but I do hope that my experiences inspire you to find adventure in your very own backyard. The BIG question is where to next??

You don't want to miss out on my  tips on travel + heath + fitness.  It's going to be ah-mazing!!! 

BIG Panda Bear Hugs From China,