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My Story

For years I struggled with body image and not feeling good enough in my skin. I know you might be thinking how is that even possible, but it’s true. I felt….not pretty enough, not tall enough, not skinny enough, my hips were too big, my arms too small, and the list went on and on. You get the idea. I had a love hate relationship with the food, exercise and the scale.

After years of feeling crazy around food and struggling with disordered eating, I ditched the scale and decided to pay attention to how I felt in my body. I love being strong, confident, healthy, and active. Being healthy is not about the body looking a certain way, but how your body moves, and eating foods that nourish you. I move my body because it feels good. The goal is not a number on a scale, but that you feel beautiful in your skin.

If you are ready to let go of limiting beliefs and truly start living confidently in your skin I would love to work with you. 




Here’s What I Believe In:

BIO-INDIVIDUALITY. Let me be honest here,
there’s no one specific cookie-cutter diet that works for everyone.

You are UNIQUE + there is not a single person in the world who is like you.
Which means that your nutrition + wellness is specific to YOU.

 Making PEACE with your BODY + FOOD.
By honoring your hunger + respecting your fullness
you can learn to build self-trust + eat intuitively.

 I believe in MOVING your body.
EXERCISE should not be something to punish your body,
but movement to celebrate your body.

Health Coaching consultation - FREE

A free (ummmm, yup I said FREE) 45-minute
health consultation where we’ll chat about health +fitness, lifestyle,
and of course your GOALS + DREAMS. After this call you’ll walk away with
clarity on which health coaching package is best for you.


One 60-minute health coach session - $75 USD

This 1 hour Power Session is for you if you know you want to make a
change + YOUR GOALS ARE CLEAR.  We'll dive right in + start doing the work. 
 You'll walk away with clear action steps for living your best life.


one month Coaching Package $144 USD

Two 60-minute sessions
The One Month Coaching Package is for you if you are feeling stuck
and want to make changes, but need someone (ummm...that would be ME) supporting YOU!!!
I've SOOOO been there and I SOOOO get it. Sometimes you need that person to not just listen,
but help get you back on track. You'll be getting support and accountability between
session via e-mail between you + me. 


3 month Coaching Package $420 USD

Six 60-minute sessions
The 3 Month Coaching Package is perfect for you if you know what you've been doing has
not been working, + you ready for a BIG change. If you are SOOOO ready to make the commitment to YOURSELF....then this is for you. Be READY to show up + RELEASE things that no longer serving you. 
You'll be getting support and accountability between session via e-mail between you + me. 


6 month coaching package $720 USD

Details coming soon!!!!!