Five Steps For Showing Up For Your Workouts

Five Steps For Showing Up For Your Workouts

This morning I woke up in Luang Prabang, Laos feeling a bit unmotivated to exercise. I was coming off a six week back injury, and my initial thought was to stay in my warm, cozy bed and skip my workout. Instead, I threw on my running shoes and headed out for a 6K run. I never have regrets for showing up for a workout. The endorphins after always remind me why I love moving my body.

Wondering how you can show up for your workouts???

1.) What movement brings you joy? Personal training clients often tell me they don't like going to the gym or that they feel overwhelmed by all the equipment. Here's the thing find something that you enjoy. It could be yoga, spinning, Zumba, rock climbing, or walking.

2.) Not sure what you like? Try some classes out. Most gyms and studios have a discounted pass. You could even try a free meetup group that does hiking. Shop around like you are looking for a new pair of shoes. Be sure to give it a couple of tries before you decide it's not for you.  

3.) Do you have a workout buddy? Find someone who enjoys doing what you like to do. I am most consistent with my workouts when I have a buddy. By committing to each other, you have an accountability partner. Over time you might even start growing your tribe of people who have similar interest.

4.) Are you keeping your internal commitments? For some people, it can be easy to make an external commitment to others and show up. The problem can often be with the internal commitments. I find that when I commit myself to workout, I can easily break it. There's that expression treat yourself like you would treat a friend. When you commit to working out with a friend you would show up. It's equally as important to show up for yourself and keep your internal commitments. 

5.) Do you have a workout schedule? Pick 3-4 days a week that are non-negotiable days where you work out. Decide the day/time and schedule it into your week. By deciding your workout days ahead of time, this eliminates the decision making of should I or should I not work out? What should I do for my workout? Having a plan sets you up for success, and you won't talk yourself out of moving your body.

Always learning from others and how they stay motivated. How do you show up for your workouts?